Inside an Easter Tulip


Inside an Easter Tulip

I love holidays not because of their greater meaning, which I know is a little shallow of me, but because I love spending time with family and enjoying delicious food together. My husband and I are fortunate enough to live within a few miles of both our parents so we get to enjoy double servings for each holiday.

This photo is a close-up of one of the lovely tulips they had on the table at Shoreline Yacht Club this morning. Joining us at our table this morning was a former Mayor of one local cities and her husband. So not only did I get to enjoy the company of my family but we met some very interesting people.

For my husband’s side of the family, his sisters were in town and its always fun catching up with them. His mom and dad are both fantastic cooks, so dinner was delicious. And his aunt and uncle joined us and they are always entertaining.

Now it’s time for dessert!

This photo was taken with the default iPhone 5 camera in HDR mode and processed in Top Camera and AfterFocus.





Yesterday, while out running some errands after work, I happened to park near this gorgeous Fairlane. I am a total sucker for beautifully restored classics. I especially love when they are closer to stock than not. This one was pretty close to perfect, so I did not fault the owner for parking diagonally and taking up two parking spaces. I wish I had grabbed a few shots of the interior, but it didn’t occur to me until I was on my way out and then it was too late.

This photo was taken with Bracket Mode, HDR processing in Pro HDR, and some final tweaks were added in Snapseed.

Opening Day


Opening Day

Saturday, March 23, was Opening Day at Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach, CA. And this year was the Club’s 30th anniversary. I was too busy enjoying the party and forgot snap more images, but I grabbed this shot during the ceremony from the balcony. As seen on the boat closest and center in the photo, members will decorate their vessels with a string of flags for the celebration. The little added flare is a nice compliment for the the big day.

Members, as well as visitors from other yacht clubs, dress in their blue jackets and white pants. Hors d’oeuvres are passed around and drinks are flowing. With perfect weather and a beautiful view, it makes for a fun day.

This image was taken with the built in camera on my iPhone 5 in HDR mode and processed in Snapseed.