Day 102/365 Project


Warm-up/Building Anticipation” for Day 102 of 365 Project

Taken with 645 PRO and edited in Snapseed.

Original image:


In Snapseed, I cropped the photo, converted it to black & white, and added a tilt-shift filter.





5 thoughts on “Day 102/365 Project

    • Alastair, I know what you mean; there are definitely a lot of options. I usually use it in Q-mode, which doesn’t add any filters or aspect ratios (like square or the other options). I mainly like how easy it is to lock exposure or focus manually and then let the remaining item set from auto.

      I also use the histogram at the bottom. I can generally tell when my shot isn’t exposed properly, but that little meter makes it a little easier to tell.

      Have you read through the manual? I found I was less intimidated by all the options after I gave it a thorough read-through.

      • I know. It’s a crazy suggestion. I never read manuals. I usually just poke around until I figure out on my own, but since just about everything in the app has a secondary function (that isn’t obvious) I gave in and read the manual. I resisted using the app for a little while and kept falling back to my old favorite, Top Camera, but I like that 645 PRO, can produce TIFFs as well as loss-less JPEGs which are better for editing.

        Best of luck!

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