Day 32/365 Project


Untitled for Day 32 of 365 Project

Taken with 645 PRO and edited in Snapseed and Photo Editor by Aviary.

Original photo:


Added Drama 2 filter and upped the saturation to +60 in Snapseed.



Then, I added the Soft Focus and Chrono filters in Photo Editor by Aviary.



7 thoughts on “Day 32/365 Project

    • Snapseed is my favorite photo editing app for iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX. I don’t have a Mac computer yet so I only use it on my iPhone and iPad but I would assume it would only be better on a Mac. I love that it has a ton of features and flexibility and once you learn how to use the app, it’s super fast and easy. I’ve been planning on doing some write-ups on my favorite apps, maybe I should start with Snapseed. Do you have an iPhone or iPad?

      • I have an iPhone. Only got it about two weeks ago, so still learning with it. Camera apps I’ve recently downloaded are Instagram, Camera+, Hipstamatic and RainyDaze. Will have a look for Snapseed

      • I’m my opinion, it is worth every penny (since its not a free app). Also, a lot of people that have real cameras like the flexibility that 645 PRO gives them when take photos; but it’s not as easy to use as Camera+. I also prefer Top Camera to Camera+ because it has many of the same features and filters plus built in HDR and slow shutter.

      • Just downloaded Aviary and Top camera. Will wait for the others until I see how I get on with these. I do like how many different apps there are for the camera on the iPhone

      • Yeah. I have tried a ton of them, but I really only use the same 10-15 any more and I have about 5-7 favorites.

        Another app I would recommend is “Apps Gone Free”. Everyday they have a list of apps that have gone free for a limited time. Snapseed has gone free a couple of times. This is usually when I check out most of the photo apps I have.

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