Day 55/365 Project


Untitled for Day 55 of 365 Project

While on a walk I came across this large, quite fantastic tree and it was almost completely covered in ivy. I couldn’t quite get the angle needed to really showcase the relationship between the ivy and the tree, but with this shot, I hoped to at least show how high in the tree the ivy had climbed.

Taken with 645 PRO and edited in Snapseed and Photo Editor by Aviary.

Original image:


First, in Snapseed, I added a Drama filter.


Then, in Photo Editor by Aviary, I added a Fixie filter, a Soft Focus filter, and cropped out the border added by the Fixie filter.





Day 53/365 Project


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” for Day 53 of 365 Project

Taken with 645 PRO and my PhotoJoJo Macro Lens. Then, edited in Snapseed, Top Camera, and Photoforge2.

Original image:


First, I straightened the image in Snapseed.


Then, I used the Improve tool in Top Camera.


Finally, I used the following film, lens, and filter settings in Pop camera in Photoforge2.




Day 49/365 Project


“Bumper cars” for Day 49 of 365 Project

Today, we had a fun day instead of working and we went to Knott’s Berry Farm. We started the day with a scavenger hunt. Then, we had lunch at the chicken dinner restaurant. And after a short period for digestion, we went on all the rides we could fit in before the end of our day. This shot was taken while waiting in line for the bumper cars.

Taken with Top Camera using the slow shutter option and edited in Top Camera, iPhoto, and Snapseed.

Original image:


In Top Camera, I added a Dark Clarify filter.


In iPhoto, I darkened the roof of the bumper car house.


Finally, in Snapseed, I straightened the image and further darkened sections of the photo using the Selective Adjust option.




Day 48/365 Project


“Over the bridge” for Day 48 of 365 Project

The building I work in is right across the street from the University of California, Irvine (UCI). There is a bridge that connects the center my building is located in and UCI. On the UCI, end of the bridge there is a rose garden. This shot is taken while standing in front of the rose garden facing toward my office building.

Taken with 645 PRO and edited in Top Camera.

Original image:


First, I cropped the photo. Then, I added a Clarify filter and reduced the saturation a bit.




Day 46/365 Project


Untitled for Day 46 of 365 Project

There’s a neighborhood not far from where I live that is a hodge-podge of older homes in every style you can think of. I don’t know much about the neighborhood but I love it’s character. I love that every home is different from the one next to it. Some of them are really large and some more modest in size. I went for a walk through that neighborhood today and it seems I just couldn’t get the exposure right on any of my shots but I think this wild tree turned out ok. Not only is a neat looking tree, but I find the light filtering through to be lovely. Below is another shot of the same tree showing how far over the branches extend. There are actually pieces of wood and metal poles holding it up right as well.


Taken with Top Camera and edited in Snapseed.

Original image:


In Snapseed, I added a Drama filter and upped the saturation a bit.