Day 20/365 Project


Best Buns in Town” for Day 20 of 365 Project

Today I went on my third tour of Puritan Bakery. The last two times I went on tours were years ago and this tour was just as fun and interesting. I work for In-N-Out Burger and Puritan Bakery supplies our buns for Southern California as well as other areas. They do a fantastic job of keeping with our standards regardless of external circumstances. Like In-N-Out, they are family owned and our companies have been in business together since 1958. I was surprised by some of the lengths they go through to make sure the buns they supply us are exactly what we and our customers are expecting. They even have one of our patented bun grills onsite so they can test how their buns for each day are going to toast in our stores.

Taken with Top Camera and edited in Snapseed.


After reading 3Common Mistakes iPhoneographers Make and exchanging comments with Mondrak I’ve decided my original edit doesn’t line up with the personality of the bakery. It is far too dark and “foreboding”. Below is a more appropriate edit for the “Best Buns in Town.”



3 thoughts on “Day 20/365 Project

    • This photo makes me think of Paul Cahill’s post,, and looking back on it, I don’t think that the photo matches how I felt about the place or my post about it. I agree it looks quite foreboding but that’s not how it looks in person nor does it match my experience there. Though the outside could use some sprucing up, it’s full of friendly people making quality products. This is one of those shots that looking back I wish I had processed it differently.

      • Yeah I can see why. Maybe play with it and edit it into the post 😉

        I’m glad you enjoyed the tour though. I think it’s great that a company like that does tours. It’s good for people to see how things are made. I wish they did things like that in this country. It would change people’s attitude to what goes into some foods and the work it takes to get them right.

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